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Responsibility is about
Impact Investing and 

Responsibility is about Impact Investing and Transparency

A new reference in SRI & in Financial reporting

We believe that, as Real Estate investors, the carbon footprint of the buildings (which represents ca. 50% total footprint of all sectors) and our future quality of life is in our hands. Our commitment to Socially Responsible Investing is embedded in our management and into every investment decision we make.

As such, our CSR approach will be integrated into the Company’s broader thinking, and will revolve around key priorities which will be identified following discussions with our stakeholders (investors, partners, tenants, employees) by the end of 2018.


To emphasize its commitments, Kareg supports Global Compact France, and requests its employees and suppliers to support the principles and values upheld by the Company by signing its internal code of ethics.


Our reporting solutions will provide monthly and quarterly relevant information, available off-line and on-line, allowing an efficient and modern monitoring of your investments. On demand, our team would be keen to use your in-house solutions or to team up with both your Real Estate and Finance managers to build user-friendly tools tailored to your needs and systems.





During Raphaël Tréguier’s tenure, the listed REIT Cegereal won the highest industry distinctions prizes 3 years in a row:

  • 1st fully certified Office REIT in Europe

  • GRESB European podium for the Office REITs

  • EPRA Gold Financial reporting

  • EPRA Gold Environnement

  • ISO 14001: Certified Environmental Management System

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